If you’re on the lookout for a piece of antique glass or something not quite so old such as a vintage glass items from the 20th century, the Elegant Art Glass is here to help. Murano Glass, Whitefriars Glass, Scandinavian Glass, Paperweights and pressed glass are some categories of collectible glassware we have.

Whether its decorative glass bowls of the Victorian era or Art Deco glass in the modern style we may have something to suit.

Apart from looking great in a collection, examples can serve a function such as art glass lamps, candle sticks and flower vases. Functional glass by French makers and Tiffany of America during the Art Nouveau period are truly stunning although scarce today. Murano glass lamps, Whitefriars lamp bases and some Scottish lamps by the Ysart family can be more readily available.Ysart glass names used were Monart, Vasart and Strathearn.

Glass paperweights always intrigue and mesmerize those who inspect them. It is difficult for anyone unfamiliar with the process of manufacturing these little art treasures to comprehend just how these intricate specimens could possibly be created. See our interesting collection below.

[title]Murano Glass[/title]

[title]Whitefriars Glass[/title]


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[title]Scandinavian Glass[/title]